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Client Testimonials

"I am a 64-year-old man who has practiced traditional internal medicine for 35 years. I live in Florida and was diagnosed with stage four tongue cancer two years ago. I underwent the traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy that was standard of care in the cancer community. My sister referred me to Ms. Messemer. I underwent several therapy sessions long distance with her. I always felt comforted after those sessions.  Most importantly, I have been cancer-free for 18 months. I did experience some side effects from my traditional therapy, however I did not believe they were nearly as severe as most people experience from the toxic therapies. My pain was manageable and I was able to eat and drink throughout the treatment. I believe Ms. Messemer’s efforts had a significant impact on relieving those side effects and quite possibly a cure for my cancer. I would recommend her services to anyone."

Thomas S., M.D.

"Lyn is a beautiful, heart-centered healer. I have had several healings from Lyn and I always walk away feeling more relaxed and calm. She has also done numerous healings during the COVID pandemic for me, my family, and friends. She is generous with her time and her gifts and I would highly recommend her."

Dalal R.

"A few years ago, Robert was so sick that I called hospice. A friend of mine told me about Lyn Messemer, a Certified EnergyTouch® Practitioner. She was pretty sure that the energy work Lyn did might help Robert. I made an appointment and managed to get Robert in the car. After Robert’s session, I asked him how he was, and he said, ‘well rested’. For the next few days, I was amazed when Robert did not seem so sick any more. Robert still sees Lyn regularly and she helps him through physical and emotional issues that keep him healthy and happy. We attribute the success of his recent liver transplant to Lyn’s EnergyTouch® Healing. The surgeons are still amazed at Robert’s progress and lack of need for pain meds. Robert, Lyn and I just smile!

I also started going to Lyn for her healing sessions. She helps my physical self, but most of all helps me understand my life and my purpose, and how to achieve my best. Lyn is a gift to anyone that receives her energy work. The work itself may be hard to describe, but each experience and outcome speaks for itself."

Barb S.

"When I had my first appointment with Lyn, I was so sick that I had to be pushed in a wheelchair from the car to her treatment room. Lyn did a healing on me and I felt renewed. I’ve been going to Lyn ever since, and have baffled my doctors and friends with how well I’m doing. The sessions with Lyn helped my body to begin the process of healing. She works on all the systems of the body, and teaches skills to improve all aspects of my life. The energy treatments work with modern medicine, as they complement each other, and the results speak for themselves. I recommend Lyn to everyone in order to experience the healings-- especially those people with illness or disease."

Robert S.

"Lyn has that healing energy everybody should experience. She is well-trained in her art and she has the “it” factor that you can’t teach."

Tom B., D.C.

"Lyn Messemer has been working with my son Hunter, who has autism, for a couple years. I have to say she is one of the few people Hunter trusts. Hunter has great fear of the unknown. Hunter saw her every two weeks and I definitely saw changes in him in terms of demeanor and understanding.  She is my “go to person” when Hunter is off and I need help getting him back on track. She is truly a gifted person and one of the few people that sees Hunter for himself and his potential."

Janet C.

"EnergyTouch® Healing is the most profound healing I have experienced to’s difficult for me to really put into words. Put simply, it’s an overall sensation of peace and calm, yet renewed energy, like you have sloughed off the old and ushered in the new. I have tried several different healing modalities, including Angel Therapy, EFT, Infinite Love and Gratitude, Hypnosis, NET, and acupuncture. This is by far the most relaxing, rejuvenating and most simple, yet complete. Lyn Messemer is so patient, kind, caring and compassionate. You will feel like she’s an old friend, yet a wise sage--a caring teacher who teaches you to trust your intuition and help you realize the power of intention. Everyone should experience this powerful complete healing modality. I recommend it to anyone looking for a healing session or as an adjunct complement to Western healing modalities.  You will feel lighter and more content as soon as you walk out of the session. I cannot speak highly enough of this unique healing technique."

Anne C.

In Dec 2019, I had a traditional bunion surgery.  As the day approached, I was getting more nervous because of all the stories people told me about bunion surgeries that have gone wrong and about the excruciating pain they, a family member, or friend experienced from bunion surgery. I knew I had a fantastic foot surgeon, but even he and his staff were preparing me for the pain with prescribed pain killing medications.  

So, I called Lyn. I have had healings with Lyn in the past, and I felt that I needed special attention this time.  Lyn did a healing a week before the surgery and then also during the surgery. After the surgery, my foot was numb for approximately 24-48 hours due to an injection the surgeon put into the foot. So, I was anticipating some pain after that. It never came. I kept waiting for the pain to start and to my delight and amazement, it never came. At my post-surgery appointments, the nurses asked if I needed more pain medication. I didn’t need it, because I had no pain. Seriously, I had no pain at all. 

Recovery from a bunion surgery is most intense for two to three weeks as it is important to keep your foot up and not walk on it. My foot surgeon has an outstanding reputation and I followed all of his instructions to a tee.  The fact that I experienced no pain at all for a surgery that everyone expects there to be pain for, including the surgeon, I put down to the healings Lyn did prior to and during the surgery.

Susan G.

"Lyn has been my go to health detective when I’ve tried everything and still don’t feel better or when I have a feeling something is just not showing up on the doctors’ radar. She’s able to identify and resolve things I’ve never heard of or even have an inkling of. If you want to see the whole picture and cover all your bases, Lyn’s the person to consult with."

Elaine C.

As someone who suffered with depression and anxiety, Lyn’s healings were the only successful remedy for me to truly feel like myself again. She has greatly helped me alleviate these issues moving forward. Her time is a gift and would recommend to anyone.

Mike V.

Seeing Lyn has easily been one of the most impactful experiences of my life. Not only is she a wonderful healer, but she is also such an amazing person to turn to in moments of stress, whether it be personal or health-related. I have been lucky enough to experience remote group healings, remote individual healings, as well as in-person healings with Lyn.

She has helped me with so many different areas of my life, but one of the most noteworthy is the healing she has done for my allergies. I have had serious food allergies since I was a baby, but they have escalated within the past few years to the point of requiring hospitalization. After a particularly bad bout of two allergic reactions in a one-month period, both of which sent me to the hospital, I decided to go see Lyn. My situation was complicated, due to the long-ingrained mental trauma I’ve experienced from severe allergic reactions, but I can say without a doubt that having sessions with her has diminished the frequency and severity of my allergic responses. Even my emotional and mental states were positively transformed—after just the first healing. Where I had once been anxious and panicked after eating a nut, I am now much more calm, my body reacts with less severity, and I respond infinitely faster to medication used to stop the allergic response.

I am so grateful to have Lyn in my life and to have been introduced to her energy healing at a young age. She has not only helped me with issues I was seeking guidance for, but her healings have also created a cascade of other positive effects in my life. If anyone is unsure as to whether they should try energy healing, I can honestly say that it has been one of the greatest influences in my life, and Lyn is the perfect person to see.

Madeleine C.

"Lyn has helped our family in many ways…each one unique and so very helpful:

When my mother was ill and passing away, Lyn was so kind in helping her with the transition. We didn’t quite understand what was happening, but just kept open to belief, which is what she encouraged. We feel she was able to give us some quality time with “Mom” that we might not have had otherwise.

When another family member was sick, and conventional doctors were not getting to the root of the problem, Lyn was able to do a healing for him and determine the next steps…which was the advice of a nutritionist. She had one to recommend, and without her guidance we most likely would have been on a “hamster wheel” of medications and specialists and probably ill health.

For myself, she was able to determine some connections to others that were impacting some joint issues. She gave me the tools to work through this.

Lyn’s positivity, kindness and warm disposition make it easy to experience the healing. She is a thoughtful teacher and gives guidance so gently. I highly recommend Lyn and her EnergyTouch® Healing treatments, as I have seen first-hand how valuable they can be."

Bridget C.

I recently had an unexpected death in my family and called Lyn for a healing.  I was not sure what she would be able to achieve with a healing, but was in a lot of emotional pain and feeling very physically fatigued.  She asked me what my intention or “goal” would be for my healing and I asked for relief from my guilt, sadness and to build an inner strength and peace.  I’m not sure how this process works, but after my healing, I felt an enormous sense of well-being and peace.  I felt “lighter” and more serenity than I could remember feeling in a long time.  During that healing, Lyn picked up on an area of my body that I have had health issues with for many years.  I had never mentioned this to her.  She did a subsequent healing for this issue and again, the results were remarkable. Lyn is a gifted healer and “light worker”.  I will continue to connect with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who is open to feeling better, whatever the physical or emotional issue!

Rebecca H.

"When we started this healing journey together I was very excited. During the first few sessions my intentions were for good health and energy. I remember those first sessions being relaxing and I could feel my chakras (energy centers) being aligned and my body being cleansed energetically. Some great positive experiences have come from the healings: improvement in my mental status and improvement in my relationship with my husband. We have been discussing a great deal more in the last few months. The pain from the the cancer has decreased and I have also experienced more spiritual growth. These were not part of my original intentions, but were another positive result of my sessions. Lyn, thank you for helping me focus on what I needed and remedying the problems and issues as they occurred. The experience has supplied me with alternative ways to deal with my illness. It allows me to pull strength from within to deal with the cancer."

Darlene P.

"I have been a client of EnergyTouch® Healing for several years now. Lyn is a very kind, patient, and compassionate healer that is extremely generous with her time. She cares so much about the well-being of her clients and it is evident through each session I have with the her. EnergyTouch® Healing treats emotional and physical ailments that conventional medicine overlooks. It continues to reset and revitalize my mind and body that I would not be able to achieve by conventional medicinal treatments alone. Lyn continues to guide me on my path to optimal emotional and physical well being. She brings to light that which a doctor could never achieve and educates you on the power you have within yourself to heal. I wouldn't be where I am today without Lyn's guidance and healing through EnergyTouch®. I highly recommend Lyn and EnergyTouch® Healing!"

Regina S.

"When my friend told me about your work, I looked at it as offering me an adjunct therapy with the attitude “It can’t hurt, and maybe there will be some benefit.” I definitely see the benefits! I feel better; you help me really focus more on the most positive final outcome. Before working with you, and during the process, my focus was (and still somewhat is) looking toward to the next step in my healing as opposed to the Big Goal. I have moved much more toward focusing on the Big Goal, but this is part of my journey--that I will continue to look to you for support. We made such a strong connection from the beginning. I was skeptical about the idea of energy healing, but you worked with me slowly and gently, introducing different healing steps and concepts in a very gradual way. That worked very well for me. You have piqued my interest in energy healing and I am reading more about it. I always look forward to the healings, and am totally comfortable and trusting with you, which I think is a huge factor in my healings!  I can see benefits to the practice of energy healing for many different life issues, whether physical, emotional or spiritual."

Sue M.

Lyn is amazing! I went for my first session not knowing what to expect. We sat down and chatted a lot, and after my session we chatted quite a bit more. She learned quite a bit about me—past, present, etc., as I learned a lot about myself! I had questions which she willingly answered and told me some things that were....Spot On! I am going back again, which I look forward to. My future plans are to make this, as much as possible, a regular visit. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please call and talk with her, as she will answer anything to her ability—which is quite impressive, I must say!

Jane M.

I have been using EnergyTouch® healing for years now. Lyn is a gifted practitioner of this method, and I have had several over the years. I love EnergyTouch®, it makes me feel refreshed in body & spirit. I think more clearly, and am more joyful overall. EnergyTouch has helped me avoid heart surgery, helped with my fibromyalgia, migraines, sleep, and seasonal allergies. Thank you, Lyn!

Karen T.

Lyn was very kind. She helped us during a personal loss in the family. She explained everything very well and helped us get closure. May lord continue to bless Lyn to help those in need.

 Khyati M., India

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