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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you treat clients with severe health problems?

Yes. Many clients often present with chronic illness, cancer, or injuries that have not been helped by traditional medicine. EnergyTouch® Healing may be used to treat many types of conditions. A list of just some of the different conditions that it may help are listed on the About page of this website.

2. What will Your EnergyTouch® session be like?

EnergyTouch® Healing requires no physical contact during a session, and I perform all healings remotely, as energy transcends time and space. I begin by reviewing your health history with you by phone and addressing any questions you may have. Next, I begin the healing as you relax. Following the session, we reconnect by phone to discuss the experience. My primary aim is to enhance your wellbeing, manifesting lasting outcomes.

3.  How long will a healing session take?

The entire session will take approximately two hours - possibly a bit longer the first session.

4.  Is my privacy protected?

Absolutely. Your privacy is treated as confidentially as if you were under the care of a medical professional.

5. Do you do healings on pets?

Yes, EnergyTouch® works very well with animals, and also works to clear negative energy from homes, offices and property.

6. Is EnergyTouch® Healing affiliated with any religion?

This type of healing works with the energy field and is not affiliated with any religion. After your EnergyTouch® session you may experience some, if not all of the following:

·       Minimization of pain

.       Decreased anxiety/depression

.       Improvement in mobility

.       Decreased need for medication

.       Minimization of side effects

.       Increased energy level

.       Greater mental clarity

.       Improved relationships

·       Increased sense of peace

.       More restful sleep

.       Spiritual & emotional growth 

.       Acceptance of disease

.       Manifestation of intentions

7. How much do you normally charge for a healing?

Rates for a healing session:

          Adults                  $150

          Students              $90

          Pets                       $75

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